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Transformed Lives



JON:Strategic Life Training and the Business Leadership School provided a solid life foundation for me in many ways. Through a core emphasis on worldview, I learned how to read the Bible with an understanding of the intersection between God’s ways and character. I found fuel for my journey of seeing how Biblical principles were not rules, but actually a brilliant reflection of Heaven crafted for our benefit. My eyes were opened to the foundational concept that truth and relationship go hand in hand, where I learned how to give and receive correction, understanding and guidance.  To say that both SLT and BLS has had a profound impact on my parenting would be an understatement. Finally, all of this has allowed me to realize that truth is life.  If what we know isn’t life giving, changing our daily walk, impacting our family, and making a difference in the world around us, we should pause and ask whether we are following the “what of truth” or living life walking with and guided by the “Author of Truth. “


MARY: ” Strategic Life Training and the Business Leadership School have provided a launching pad for me to mature as a believer and follower of Jesus Christ. As a journalist, the courses provided me with a biblical framework to discern the various topics I write about. I’ve learned to read Scripture through the lens of my calling and value those mentors and coaches God has sovereignly placed in my life to help me correctly apply His Word. Most importantly, my view of God’s ways and His work on the earth, and my place in that work, has deepened and expanded. This has set me on a path of discovery and given me a new sense of joy and vision as I walk out my calling as a wife, mother, teacher, and a writer.”